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TDAIs it possible to use a VOB file as a source ?18168
TDATMPGEnc DVD Author cannot read an AVI file.11617
TDAWhat is TMPGEnc DVD Author?11061
TDAIs it possible to output Dolby Digital 5.1ch?6667
TXPCan TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress convert VOB file (VRO file) to other video format?6512
TE25How do I create a usable source file for DVD-Video authoring?5812
TDACannot read the AVI file.3762
TDAHow to include a still background image and background music?3538
TDAAudio is rendered on the computer but not on the stand-alone player.3143
TE40When I output an AVI (DivX) file an error code “0x80044005” appears.2731


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A number of our English language products have been released under two brand names, "TMPGEnc" and "TSUNAMI MPEG" (originally US retail box versions). The products are identical in terms of features and interface. This knowledge base contains shared information for both brand products.

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